About Samsung

Founded in 1938, Samsung C&T is involved in a broad and growing portfolio of businesses, delivering creative, integrated business solutions to customers worldwide through a network of over 100 offices in 44 countries.

Samsung C&T, together with its partners, is making an unprecedented $5-billion private-sector investment in Ontario, to create clean, renewable energy for generations to come. Samsung signed a Commercial Agreement with the Government of Ontario in January, 2010 that was updated in June 2013. The agreement will result in 1,369 megawatts of clean power generation in Ontario, along with 9,000 direct and indirect jobs and four new manufacturing facilities to produce renewable energy components for Ontario and for export to markets around the world. Samsung is making significant progress in meeting the terms of its Agreement, on an extremely ambitious project schedule. Working together with the Province of Ontario, Samsung looks forward to a long-term partnership to create the world’s largest cluster of wind and solar power, placing Ontario at the forefront of the global shift to clean energy.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Samsung makes great flat-screen TVs. But clean energy?
A: Leading the world in high-tech electronics is one of the many things Samsung does. Since the company began in 1938, we have brought advanced technology and product excellence to fields as diverse as resource development, textiles, plastics, finance, construction – even fashion. Increasingly, we have shifted our focus to alternative energy in line with global aspirations for a greener world. 

Samsung is comprised of many companies, one of which is Samsung C&T, which is building and operating the wind and solar power cluster here in Ontario. In a changing world, our company mission remains constant: To create superior products and services, thereby contributing to a better global society. This vision has helped Samsung C&T emerge as a leading player in the new and alternative energy sector, offering solutions to customers worldwide through a network of over 100 offices in 44 countries, with renewable energy projects in countries including the United States, Italy and Australia.

Q: What exactly will Samsung C&T be doing in Ontario?
A: In a nutshell, Samsung will be using its expertise to oversee the entire renewable energy cluster project including site preparation, the manufacturing of renewable energy components and equipment, operation, maintenance, construction and project financing. A project on this scale requires a company with the real-world experience in delivering renewable energy projects on ambitious timetables, and one that is able to develop partnerships with other leading renewable energy companies. On both counts, Samsung has, and will continue to deliver. More project details can be found under Our Projects.

Q: What is the Agreement between Samsung C&T and the Ontario Government?
A: On January 21, 2010, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty and Ontario Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, Brad Duguid were joined by Samsung C&T President and CEO Sung-ha Chi and Executive VP of Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) Chan-Ki Jung to officially announce and sign the Green Energy Investment Agreement (GEIA) for the Ontario Alternative Energy Cluster, deemed to be the largest of its kind in the world. According to the terms, Samsung C&T and KEPCO will establish and operate a series of wind and solar power clusters over the next several years.

The agreement was amended in June 2013.The entire project will have a combined power-generating capacity of 1,369 megawatts by 2016, increasing dramatically the amount of renewable power generated in Ontario and providing clean energy for generations to come.

Under the terms of the GEIA, Samsung and its partners will invest $5-Billion in new investment in Ontario to create 9,000 direct and indirect jobs, create four new manufacturing facilities to produce wind towers (Windsor) and blades (Tillsonburg), as well as solar modules (London) and inverters (Toronto) for their projects in Ontario. These facilities will also export Ontario-made products around the world.

Q: What does the project entail?
A: In brief, this project involves establishing wind and solar power generation. Samsung C&T will oversee the entire project, and has signed contracts with some of the world’s leading renewable energy companies to construct plants to provide the renewable energy products we need to meet the terms of our Agreement. Samsung C&T will also secure land for the construction of the clean energy clusters. KEPCO will design and connect the transmission and collection system. Once the clusters are established, the Ontario Government will purchase the clean power being generated.

Q: Where is this all happening?
A: The first phases of the project will be built in Chatham-Kent, Haldimand County, Kincardine, Kingston & Loyalist Township and in the Township of Ashfield-Colborne-Wawanosh. More project details can be found under Our Projects.

Q: Did someone say 'new jobs'?
A: We expect the Alternative Energy Cluster project to generate approximately 9,000 jobs providing opportunity to communities hard hit by the global recession. Samsung C&T, along with our partners, will commit to using Ontario-sourced materials and expertise wherever possible, including Ontario steel in the construction of the wind towers. 

Q: How long will the project go on for?
A: The first two phases the project are scheduled to be completed by 2014 and will include 200 megawatts of solar electricity generation, and 870 megawatts of wind generation. The subsequent phase will build 300MW of renewable energy by 2016.